Difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

To rank first in search engines is certainly the desire of every website owner. One way that is widely done is by optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

When optimizing SEO, you may have heard the terms “White Hat SEO” and “Black Hat SEO”. Basically, these two techniques have the same goal, namely to increase the ranking of a website so that it ranks first and is easily found by search engines.

Although they have the same goal, the techniques used are very different. Through the following explanation, you can see the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques.

Understanding White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is an effort to improve website rankings on search engines while maintaining website integrity and complying with search engine regulations.

For example, by creating quality content, quality backlinks, or using keywords that are relevant to the content created.

This technique is the best step in SEO practice, because the technique used always follows the rules of the search engine and is in accordance with Google’s algorithm updates. The better White Hat SEO techniques you do, the easier it will be for you to get a good position in Google search results.

Understanding Black Hat SEO

While Black White SEO is an effort to increase the ranking of a website on search engines with techniques that are not in accordance with the rules set by search engines.

For example, using keywords excessively (keyword stuffing), copying other people’s content, or doing low-quality backlinks.

Maybe in the past this technique was widely used and helped your website appear easily on the first page of Google search results.

However, now Google has updated its algorithm by displaying the best results according to the needs of its users. And if a website continues to use this technique, then the website can be deindexed (removing the website from the SERP search engine results).

Therefore, as a website owner, it is very important for you to avoid Black Hat SEO techniques.

Difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO Techniques

From the above understanding, maybe you can already see an overview of the two SEO techniques. Below you can see the differences in SEO techniques used in White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO Techniques

There are 5 White Hat SEO techniques that you can do.

1. Create Quality Content

Quality content is able to attract many website visitors to read the content on your website. This will also make it easier for you to optimize SEO and increase website ratings on search engines.

There are 5 things you can do to create quality content:

  1. Define content topics.
  2. Use the right keywords
  3. Create catchy content titles.
  4. Create engaging content (content that offers a new perspective, a knowledge, something useful and inspiring).
    Include related and relevant links to the content.
  5. Well, the 5 tips above, have been discussed in the previous article about 5 tips for writing quality content for SEO optimization. There you can find ways to create interesting content titles, or how to create engaging content.

2. Do Keyword Research

To get the right keywords for your website, first you need to do keyword research first. Through keyword research, you can also find out what words or phrases are often searched for by website visitors.

And to do keyword research, there are several tools you can use, such as Ubersuggest, KWFinder, Wordtracker, Moz, or Google Suggest. You can read the previous article about 5 free keyword research tools to find out how to use each of these tools.

3. Pay Attention to Meta Tags

Meta tags are an SEO strategy that helps display websites on search results pages. Meta tags will tell search engines (Google) about the content on your website.

There are several types of meta tags that you need to pay attention to, including meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords.

What are meta titles? meta descriptions? And meta keywords? Find the answer in the previous article regarding the meaning and types of meta tags for SEO. You can also find out how to create meta tags for your website.

4. Create Quality Backlinks

Website pages that have quality backlinks are very influential on ranking in the SERP. because Google will consider your website a trustworthy website.

Writing comments on other websites by leaving your website address is no longer recommended. So you can ask a quality website to link to your website.

This is much better than span links in the comments.

Also read: What are Backlinks?

5. Pay attention to website speed

To make your website in a good position, you also need to pay attention to the speed (speed) of your website. Website speed is usually indicated by how long the website loads when it is accessed.

When someone accesses your website with a long loading time, then the visitor is uncomfortable and doesn’t feel at home on your website for long.

Google says 53% of website visitors will leave a website that has a load time of more than three seconds. How long does it take to load your website? check using 3 tools to check website speed which we discussed in the previous article (Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, GTMetrix, or Pingdom).

After checking the speed of the website, the tool will tell you about several things that can be done to increase the speed of your website.

In addition to the 5 White Hat SEO techniques above, you also need to do 10 On Page SEO techniques and 4 Off Page SEO techniques which also include the White Hat SEO section as an SEO optimization strategy for your website.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

And below are 4 Black Hat SEO techniques that you need to avoid.

1. Using keywords excessively

Keyword stuffing or excessive use of keywords is not allowed by search engines because it will be considered keyword spam. Usually people do this to increase search visibility with these keywords.

In fact, this method will make the content difficult to understand. No need to use excessive keywords, just use keywords in the title, URL structure, and some in the article content.

You can see an example below.

a. Examples of overuse of keywords

Promotion through social media can be done through Facebook. Promotion through social media can also be done through Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The budget used to promote through social media is also predictable and not too large. So you can allocate your budget for other purposes by promoting through social media.

b. Examples of correct use of keywords.

Promotion through social media can be done through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The budget used is also predictable and not too big. So you can allocate your budget for other purposes.

Now Based on the example above you can see the comparison of example 1 with example 2. Example 1 uses a lot of keywords so that it is long-winded and difficult to understand. While example 2 is simpler and easier for readers to understand.

2. Duplicate Content

Maybe you’ve gotten the exact same content on two or more different web pages when searching on a search engine. That is what is meant by duplicate content.

The impact of duplicate content is that your website will be considered a low-quality website by search engines and readers. That is also the reason why duplicate content is one of the Black Hat SEO techniques.

3. Creating Automated Content

To make it easier to create content, not a few website owners create content using tools automatically. Automatically generated content usually does not pay attention to the correctness of the information submitted.

In addition, website visitors will also have difficulty reading the content on your website. That is the reason why this technique should not be used.

4. Creating Fake Pages

Today, there are many websites that create pages filled with keywords to attract the attention of website visitors. But when that web page is clicked on, it redirects them to another page making it completely useless.

This technique is used to increase traffic on a site that is redirected and easily found by search engines. However, it does not provide any benefit to website visitors.

In addition to the 4 Black Hat SEO techniques above, there are also 7 other SEO techniques that are prohibited by Google, these 7 techniques have been studied in the previous article.

Now that’s the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, by paying attention to the rules contained in each of these search engine guidelines, your website ranking will also be liked by search engines and will automatically optimize your website’s presence in search engines.

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