Private Blog Network is a network of websites created solely to get quality backlinks pointing to a major website with the aim of increasing the authority of that website in search.

The term Private Blog Network or PBN is closely related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And more specifically, it is closely related to backlinks.

What is PBN?

A Private Blog Network is a network of websites used to obtain backlinks in an effort to increase the ranking of one or more websites.

As I said before, this PBN is closely related to backlinks. For that, you must also know what backlinks are and the benefits of backlinks for your website.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from one website to another.

Backlinks are sought after by website owners because they can improve rankings in search engine results such as Google.

The following is data regarding the relationship of backlinks to the ranking of a website on search engines.

Benefits of Backlinks

From a study conducted by MatthewBarby, it is known how important backlinks are.

This study was conducted by taking a random sample of 100,000 keywords, and each of them had a minimum monthly search volume of 100 searches.

From these keywords, the top 10 results on page 1 of were extracted, resulting in a total of 1 million URLs. For each URL, data is collected regarding the SERP snippet (Accuranker source) and backlink data (Ahrefs), as well as various HTML elements of the page.

Here are the results.

From the graph above, it is clear that in general, websites that rank high on Google also have a high number of backlinks.

The Importance of Backlinks?

Backlinks are very important to rank on Google. And in 2016, Google confirmed that backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors, next to content and RankBrain.

These three factors are referred to as the three most important factors in the ranking factor, but Google does not explain further about the order of the three factors.

What are the Benefits of a Private Blog Network?
The benefit of Private Blog Network is getting quality and safe backlinks for your website. In addition, PBN can also be used as a business.

One thing that needs to be emphasized is, PBN is included in the practice of black hat SEO. This means that the technique is a technique that is prohibited by Google.

So if you want to apply this technique, then you must be prepared to bear the consequences. Generally this technique is avoided by corporate SEO practitioners.

Private Blog Network Including Black Hat SEO

In its documentation Google states that:

Any links intended to manipulate a site’s PageRank or ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or links out of your site.


From this statement, of course, we can conclude that the Private Blog Network is included in the link scheme activities. And that means technique is PROHIBITED.

Furthermore, Google re-emphasized its meaning by mentioning:

Buy or sell links. This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchange goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for their post about the product that includes a link


PBNs are also included in link schemes or Google Link Schemes.

Disadvantages of Private Blog Network

Although it has several advantages, PBN also has some disadvantages.

Expensive. To build a PBN requires considerable costs and energy. So you should consider it carefully before deciding.
Risk. As has been explained that PBN is included in the practice of black hat SEO so it has a big enough risk.

As a marketer, you must know the PBN technique and its advantages and disadvantages. This technique has a high risk so you must be wise in using it.



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